Why Kavala is a must-visit holiday destination

Kavala city is a major tourist attraction in North Greece, it is a coastal city surrounded by the Aegean Sea in the south and a mountain range in the north. Kavala is known for its stunning views, cosmopolitan port and beautiful town centre that is packed with cafes and shops.

Places to Visit in Kavala

1. Kavala Centre

Although Kavala’s population is about 60.000 people, Kavala’s centre is considerably smaller than your average city centre. Much of it is paved and is for pedestrians only, excellent for walking around. You can actually explore the ins and outs of the centre in a matter of a few days.

kavala centre
kavala centre

In the town centre you will find lots of cafes, bakeries, restaurants, creperies where you can buy your coffee and meals through out the day. If you are cooking at home or want to buy necessities there are meat shops, fish stands and grocery shops all around town as well as bigger supermarkets like Sklavenitis and Masoutis.

kavala creperie
kavala guros shop
kavala cake shop

There are also many shops around that sell clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, souvenirs books, glasses, electronics and much more.

If you are walking around and you need a break from the hot sun there is a park called Dimotikos Kipos Iroon where you can sit under the shade of trees. Beware of the birds there, they might be very friendly and even ask for a treat 😀

kavala centre shopping
kavala centre shopping

2. Kavala Port

Another major attraction of Kavala is the seaport which is adjacent to the town centre. The port works as a major hub between North Greece and Pireas-Athens. You can get to islands in the North Aegean Sea like Lemnos, Lesvos and Chios as well as to Cyclades islands like Naxos, Paros, and Mykonos.

kavala port

On the main road adjacent to the seaside you will find taverns and restaurants all around. There is a wide variety of local and international dishes as well as sea food and plenty of beer and wine. The staff are very friendly and happy to be at your service.

The wide pavement along the coastline is great for walks especially in the evening. Usually you will find street vendors selling corn, cotton candy and ice creams all great treats. Across the water you can actually see Thassos, the closest island to Kavala. Daily trips to Thassos are common from Keramoti port.

kavala port wide sidewalk
kavala port tavern

3. Kavala Old Town

The Old Town is an area in Kavala right above the seaport. There are two notable places that are worth visiting the most in the old town.

kavala old town

The first place is the Poulidou street. On this slightly uphill road, you will find small shops that sell handmade and touristic goods as well as a few taverns and cafes where you can enjoy your coffee, food, and drinks all times of the day. While you are in Kavala It is highly recommended to go around Poulidou street at least once.

In Poulidou street you will also find Imaret which was built by Mohamed Ali as a religious, educational, and charitable institution and later was used as a museum. Today Imaret is a 5-star hotel that includes a spa, a wedding hall and you can even do daily tours.

kavala poulidou street kourampies shop
kavala poulidou street souvenir shop
kavala poulidou street handmades shop

The second place in old town is the castle. There is a fee of about 2.5 euros to get in. The castle is the highest point of the old town and you can see the whole city in a 360-degree view which is pretty spectacular. Although the castle is a regular touristic attraction in the holiday season and it is still recommended to visit, I feel the municipality could enrich the experience by adding more stuff and artefacts inside the rooms. The overall infrastructure could also be improved.

kavala castle

You can get to the old town on foot which is 5 minutes from the town centre or you can use the free “fun” train service which is also a great option if you are travelling with children. You can get more information about the train and available sights and museums at the tourist kiosk right next to where the train departs.

kavala fun ride train
kavala tourist information office

4. Kavala Beaches

Kavala is a coastal city so there are a few beach fronts along the city’s coastline. Rapsani and Kalamitsa beaches are both sandy, very popular and great summer oases.

Rapsani is conveniently located close to the town centre at about 1.2 km away or a 15-minute walk. This makes it perfect if you are looking for a quick way to cool down and get your tan on. The water quality is as expected in the area, crystal clear.

kavala rapsani beach

Kalamitsa is actually a little further away at about 3.5km from the town centre which makes it a 45-minute walk so you would probably get a taxi or a bus from the KTEL to get there. (KTEL is the main bus transportation system in Greece). The taxi ride would be about 6-7 minutes. The bus will be the cheaper option but you would need call or visit to find out departure and arrival times.

kavala kalamitsa beach

It is worth noting that there are a couple of beach options outside Kavala city to the west in close proximity. Nea Iraklitsa which is also a seaside village with a lot of restaurants and cafes, has a big beach front that spans across a big bay. Another place worth mentioning is Ammolofoi, a great beach front with several beach bars aligned across the sand. Both are sandy beaches and both are awarded the blue flag for their stunning clear waters.


Booking accommodation is very easy but you should always be proactive with booking your stay here to avoid disappointment. There is a lot of demand every year, this place tends to get fully booked in the holiday season. Some recommendations:


Transportation in Kavala is plenty. If you taking the plane to Greece there are two airports you would choose to arrive. The Kavala Alexandros (KVA) airport (outside Kavala) and the Thessaloniki (SKG) airport in Thessaloniki. If you get to Greece via Thessaloniki airport you will need to drive a couple of hours on the highway to the east for Kavala, renting your vehicle is recommended in this case.

In Kavala there are several taxi stations in the town centre as well as a bus station. Of course for inside the town walking will suffice. Lastly for ultimate transportation freedom you can rent your vehicle here.

Food & Drinks

Cafes, bars and restaurants are literally all over the city. Most of them serve both coffee/drinks and food throughout the day. You will find great options in any area. Here are some recommendations:


Kavala overall is a very safe and family friendly city. Walking around the city will get you pretty far because almost everything is in close proximity. There are loads of cafe-bars, restaurants to hang around and enjoy the views. Shops and supermarkets are readily available as well for any necessities you want to buy. Kavala is a highly recommended city to visit if you are planning your holidays in north Greece.

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Tip:A lot of people combine their stay in Kavala with extending their holidays across to the island of Thassos.

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